Automatic Engine Shutdown System  -  ES Series
Automatic Engine Shutdown System  -  ES Series

Automatic Engine Shutdown System - ES Series

Required for All Diesel Engine | Installations
By: Fireboy

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Compressed gas suppressants, such as FE-241® and HRC-227ea, will not stall a diesel engine.
If fire breaks out aboard a diesel-powered vessel, the engine must be shut down immediately.
A running diesel will continue to pump fuel into the engine compartment.
A running diesel also consumes large quantities of air, and can actually suck the extinguishing agent right out of the engine compartment — allowing for possible re-ignition.
Any running engine compartment blowers exacerbate the problem.

Fireboy's ES Series has models available for shutting down up to eight (8) circuits with a operating currents up to 10 amps.
They are available in either 12V DC (standard) or 24V DC models.
The 24V DC models are designed to work on multi-voltage engines and equipment installations.

The ES model comes with a choice of either a round or square helm station display.

• Fireboy® engine shutdown systems respond automatically when a Fireboy system discharges
• Shutdown capability for up to eight engines, gensets, blowers, dampers, louvers, and other types of related engine room equipment
• Solid state circuitry for greater reliability
• The 5000 and 8000 series are available with a 15-second time delay for GM diesels
• Each engine shutdown display unit comes with a helm station display with charged/discharged lights, a black box processor & connections module, an integrated alarm horn; panel display includes an override switch for restart or control of auto-shutdown; additional units and wire harnesses are available for a second station
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94193FRB ES-3000-02 ES-3000-02Loading...ES Series Automatic 3-Circuit Engine Shutdown System w/Square Bezel, 12V/(3) 10ALoading...
385632FRB ES-3000-01 ES-3000-01Loading...ES Series Automatic 3-Circuit Engine Shutdown System w/Round Bezel, 12V/(3) 10ALoading...
43762FRB ES-5000-01 ES-5000-01Loading...ES Series Automatic 5-Circuit Engine Shutdown System w/Round Bezel, 12V/(5) 10ALoading...
59935FRB ES-8000-01 ES-8000-01Loading...ES Series Automatic 8-Circuit Engine Shutdown System w/Round Bezel, 12V/(8) 10ALoading...
139556FRB ES-8015-02 ES-8015-02Loading...ES Series Automatic 8-Circuit Engine Shutdown System w/Delay w/Square Bezel, 12V/(8) 10ALoading...
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