Trilux® 33 Antifouling Paint
Trilux® 33 Antifouling Paint

Trilux 33 Antifouling Paint - for Aluminum Hulls

Hard, Slow Eroding Antifouling | Bright Colors | Dual Biocides

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Trilux 33 is specially formulated to be the safest and most effective antifouling for use on aluminum boats, outdrives and outboards.
It can also be applied to other underwater metals, fiberglass, and wood. <
BR>Trilux 33 offers highly effective antifouling protection from a combination of two agents – aluminum-safe copper I thiocyanate, and an improved version of Biolux® (3.4% zinc pyrithione) anti-slime technology.

Although classified as a "hard" antifouling coating, Trilux 33 does erode very slowly, decreasing paint build-up as subsequent coats are applied.
Like other traditional "hard" antifoulings, Trilux 33's main antifouling properties result from leaching of biocides from within its internal structure.

• The worldwide standard for aluminum yacht builders
• Suitable for moderate fouling areas in fresh, salt, or brackish waters
• A hardened, slow polishing system makes it suitable for fast, active craft
• Available in bright white and 5 other bright, clean colors
• Metal surfaces must be properly primed; use Interlux Interprotect Epoxy Barrier Coat, or anti-corrosive Primocon Metal Primer
• Replaces Trilux and Micron 33
• Apply using brush, 3/8" nap solvent resistant roller, or spray
• Thinning: Special Thinner 216
• Theoretical coverage is 400 ft²/gallon; 2 coats recommended, 3 on bare wood; 50% solids (by vol.)

Heavy on the technical side...
While not as powerful as cuprous oxide, the cuprous thiocyanate biocide in Trilux is a copper compound that works in the same manner as cuprous oxide, by discouraging the attachment of the larval forms of shell fouling.
The copper content of cuprous thiocyanate is considerably less than in cuprous oxide which enables it to be used in antifouling paints for aluminum.
Cuprous thiocyanate is a white powder which means it is possible to make antifouling paints with bright, crisp colors, including white.

Boosting biocides are commonly used with cuprous thiocyanate in order to boost performance.

Trilux 33 can be used as an antifouling on outdrives and outboards below the waterline after cleaning with Special Thinner 216, sanding with 80 grit sandpaper, priming with 2 - 3 coats of Primacon Primer, and then applying 2 coats of Trilux 33.
Refer to the Trilux 33 Technical Data Sheet for complete details and instructions.

When applying to an aluminum hull, Interlux recommends a thorough cleaning and degreasing with Solvent Wash 202, sanding with 40 to 60 grit sandpaper, priming with Interprotect 2000E thinned with Reducing Solvent 2316N (1 -2 coats), and then applying 3 - 4 coats of Trilux 33.
Refer to the Trilux 33 Technical Data Sheet for complete details and instructions.
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