EFOY Marine Fuel Cell

Efoy ComfortAs boaters, we are always looking for a way to keep our batteries topped up when we are at anchor. To do so we might run our engine (noisy with smelly exhaust), run a generator (noisy with smelly exhaust) or depend on the elements for solar or wind power (which don’t always cooperate). But what if there was an option that could keep your batteries topped up with virtually no work, that made very little noise and was even eco-friendly – would you buy it? We’re happy to report this option is now available at Fisheries Supply and it’s called the EFOY COMFORT.

What is the EFOY COMFORT?

The EFOY COMFORT is a fuel cell. It produces electricity by transforming chemical energy into electrical energy directly, with no intermediate steps, no moving parts and with no significant loss in energy, making it a particularly efficient source of power. A lot of patented innovation has gone into these units, making the EFOY fuel cell a marvel of miniaturization – a lightweight but high-powered, long-lasting performer.

The EFOY COMFORT comes with an integrated charge controller that monitors the charge level of your battery. If necessary, the EFOY COMFORT starts automatically and switches off again once the battery is charged. This gives you more than permanently fully charged power reserves – the constant recharging also protects your batteries against the potential damage of an exhaustive discharge.

How does an EFOY fuel cell work?

Efoy Comfort InstallationAt the heart of every EFOY fuel cell is the stack. The stack actually consists of several cells: an anode, a cathode and a membrane that acts as an electrolyte, separating the anode and the cathode from each other. Positively charged electrical particles (protons) can permeate the membrane. Methanol and water are introduced on the anode side while ambient oxygen enters the cathode side. H+ ions, free electrons and carbon dioxide arise on the anode side. The protons can permeate the membrane while the electrons have to travel an electrical circuit over to the cathode side, thereby producing electrical current. H+ ions and water vapor arise on the cathode side, making EFOY fuel cells an extremely environmentally friendly way to generate electricity.

Every EFOY fuel cell employs DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) technology which transforms methanol directly into electrical current. That's a real advantage, especially for mobile applications, because liquid methanol is easy to transport anywhere in practical EFOY fuel cartridges.

Benefits of the EFOY COMFORT

  • Reliability – with the EFOY COMFORT, you have a reliable electricity supply – even on a cloudy day or in a lonely cove with no wind.  No matter what the weather is doing – the EFOY keeps working – even at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Extremely quiet – when the EFOY COMFORT is installed as recommended, you will not hear it at all since its insulation and sound damping system ensure quiet operation. Enjoy the peace and silence!
  • Efoy Comfort is so quiet you can sleep above it!Fully automatic and maintenance-free – the EFOY COMFORT supplies electricity as soon as all connections are properly made. All you have to do is to make sure that fuel is always supplied – no other cleaning or maintenance is required.
  • Eco-friendly – the EFOY COMFORT is economical in use and does not produce emissions that harm the environment.
  • Lightweight and compact – whether it is in the rear storage locker, under the settee or below your bed, the compact design (just 17.44 x 7.95 x 11.34 inches) and light weight (under 19 pounds) make it easy to find a place to install this unit.
  • Comparison to a solar panel – over the period of one year, EFOY COMFORT provides 3 to 10 times as much electricity as a solar system with the same power rating. To produce the same amount of electricity as an EFOY COMFORT 80 (40W) with solar power, depending on the country and time of year, you would need a solar system with an output of between 120 and 400W.

The EFOY COMFORT comes in three models – the 80, 140 or the 210 – with each giving you progressively more power. Need help figuring out which model is right for you?  Take the energy usage quiz or check out the model comparison table here.

Fisheries Supply is proud to represent this amazing new technology for boaters.  If you have additional questions – please don’t hesitate to contact our product experts at (800) 426-6930.

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