Product Spotlight – Kanberra Gel

A Must Have For Your Boat

Kanberra GelIf you own a boat, you've probably dealt with mold and mildew issues, along with the sometimes embarrassing issue of BBS (Bad Boat Smell). No one likes to return to their boat after any kind of absence only to be greeted by BBS or a cupboard full of mold. So in this product spotlight we are introducing one of our favorite products for combating these problems – Kanberra Gel®.

What is Kanberra Gel?

Kanberra Gel is an all-natural proprietary blend of pharmaceutical-grade pure Australian Tea Tree Oils manufactured as a gel, which when exposed to airflow allows the natural antiseptic properties of the oils to become airborne through evaporation. As the air circulates and the Tea Tree Oil lands on the source (like mold or bacteria), it begins naturally neutralizing the problem on contact while penetrating porous materials to provide long-lasting protection – without hurting what it lands on.

Kanberra All Natural Wipes

Kanberra Gel does not just mask the smell like so many other products – but rather eliminates the source, making the associated odors disappear with it. Kanberra Gel's water based, alcohol-free airborne blend works 24/7 and is effective on a wide range of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi. It does it all with no chemicals – so it's completely safe to use around children and pets. Know what's even better? It doesn't just work on boats – it's can work in your car (think smelly gym bag), areas with pet or cigarette odors, even a damp closet or the basement of your house. Trust us – Kanberra Gel is great stuff!

How do I use Kanberra Gel?

How you use it depends on what your specific issue is – but it's all pretty straightforward. The product is packaged in several ways – but mainly in air-tight, drip-free containers with an inner seal and a lid with holes – available in 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz sizes. You can also buy wipes (great for cleaning surfaces) or a spray (for instant air freshening or for cleaning those hard to reach places). Depending on your issue, there are three different stages of treatment:Kanberra Spray Air Purifier

So let's say you are having BBS and it seems to be coming from the hoses to the head and holding tank. You should “shock” that area with a smaller container (depending on the size of the location) and then after the initial smell is gone, use several containers spaced evenly throughout the boat to provide protection on an ongoing basis. If you just have general mold and mildew concerns – simply follow the sizing recommendations below to keep your boat mold and mildew free.

Sizing Kanberra for Your Boat during “Protection Mode”
Area Recommended Oz. Appropriate Usage
Small Spaces 1 Ounce Use for small specific problem areas (head, closet, etc.)
Vessel < 12 Feet 2 Ounces Use 1 container placed in the middle of the boat
Vessel < 20 Feet 4 Ounces Use two 2 Oz. containers – one at front and one at the back of boat
Vessel < 40 Feet 8 Ounces Use any combination of containers evenly spaced throughout boat
< 1000 SQ Feet 16 Ounces Use any combination of containers spaced throughout the boat. If you
have air handlers, place a container in front of the evaporator.

With Kanberra Gel the rate of dissipation will vary by conditions – but it should take anywhere from 3-8 weeks to completely evaporate – along with a “residual effect” of up to 45 days (i.e. it keeps working) after the gel has completely evaporated from the container. After this time you should replace (or refill) the container to offer continued protection.

Conditions known to cause more rapid evaporation include being placed near a fan or in an area with high airflow; or being placed in areas with heavy particulates (such as cigarette smoke, heavy molds or around pets). Once the original particulates have been addressed, the dissipation of the gel should slow to the rate of “Maintenance Mode” shown above.

Does Kanberra Gel leave a scent?

While you may smell the Tea Tree Oil when you first open the canister – once the gel is working the only thing you should smell is clean air. There are no fragrances, perfumes or masking agents used in this product – just all natural oils that neutralize the cause of the odors, leaving the area fresh and odor free.

Kanberra Gel 24 Oz Refill Pack

Be Kind to the Environment

In an effort to respect the environment, Kanberra offers 24 ounce refill packs so that after you purchase your initial canisters – you can just refill them instead of buying new ones. Not only will this save you money (up to 50% off!) but you will be helping the environment by creating less trash.

Boat Show Testimonials

During last year's boat show it was amazing to see how many customers came by our booth to thank us for telling them about Kanberra Gel the prior year and to purchase more. Fisheries Supply has been promoting this product each year since we started stocking it because we feel strongly that it's a great solution to a very common problem on boats. Not only does it really work, it's all natural and totally safe for the people and pets we love to be around. We certainly can't ask for more than that. We give Kanberra Gel high marks and definitely recommend that if you have mold, mildew or other bacteria issues onboard your boat that you give Kanberra Gel a try.